Complex Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction

ED treatment

Men of any nationality and age can get erectile problems. The penis may not be hard enough and it becomes impossible to perform sexual intercourse. This disorder is called erectile dysfunction or impotence.

Almost all men from the age of 20 have a poor-quality erection from time to time. But to confirm this erectile disorder is possible only if 25% of cases. Erectile dysfunction becomes a real tragedy for a man, he suffers physically and psychologically, so it’s necessary to start ED treatment as soon as possible.

Usually, one single method is not used since it cannot eliminate the pathology. As a rule, the complex approach is much more effective, especially if the case is severe. This method of treating erectile dysfunction quickly restores sexual function, eliminates the factors that caused the disorder and helps the patient cope with negative emotions.

ED complex therapy is the best solution!

The complex treatment of erectile dysfunction includes:

  • Medication therapy involves tablets, vitamins, and hormonal agents that restore male potency. Such drugs can restore potency for a short time, eliminate the cause of the disease, improve the traffic of impulses along nerve fibers, normalize the work of the gonads, etc. Also, there are appropriate ointments, rectal suppositories, injections, solutions injected directly into the urethra. When prescribing medicines. a doctor will be guided by the characteristics of the patient’s body. You can buy the necessary ED medications in Canadian Pharmacy;
  • Machine message. It is performed on the organs of the small pelvis and perineum and allows improving blood circulation, widening the blood vessels, intensifying metabolic processes, and enhancing the effect of ED drugs. In addition, machine message relieves stress and increases the sensitivity of the genital organs;
  • A vacuum pump. It is used immediately before sex. The special apparatus pumps negative pressure, the blood enters the penis, it acquires a “working” position. Erection lasts for at least half an hour. But this method cannot be considered a complete cure for ED;
  • Psychotherapy is used for the treatment of psychogenic erectile dysfunction when an erection occurs during sleep or during masturbation but a man cannot achieve it during sexual intercourse. No treatment procedures and medications from an online pharmacy are required in this case – the therapist will advise how to overcome shyness, restore sensuality, create a romantic atmosphere for sex. A psychotherapeutic session may involve the presence of a partner;
  • Therapeutic physical training plays an auxiliary role in erectile dysfunction complex treatment. It allows you to strengthen the muscles involved in the sexual intercourse and improve blood circulation in the corresponding zone. This technique is very effective for men with a sedentary lifestyle. Therapeutic physical training also eliminates the effects of wearing tight trousers that squeeze the organs of the small pelvis and contribute to the development of impotence. Exercises can prevent problems with blood vessels and improve the quality of sex;
  • Shockwave therapy is an innovation which helps get rid of a sexual disorder. Previously, this method has been successfully used in the treatment of other diseases. Acoustic waves stimulate the growth of blood vessels, thereby restoring the mechanism of erection, even in men with fairly severe disabilities. The method is completely safe and helps many men;
  • Surgery. Surgical intervention is suggested if conservative treatment does not work. Som men may require a prosthesis of the penis or an surgery on the vessels. The patient restores the joy of sex without pills, but a surgery is not cheap and has limitations: old age and individual contraindications.

In any way, whatever the causes and signs of erectile dysfunction are, one should immediately contact a specialist. Today sexologists are able to help treat various cases of impotence since they have a huge arsenal of tools for this.

Warning: self-medication is dangerous since ED tablets and devices have side effects and contraindications and may do harm if used incorrectly.

Visit specialized centers. Doctors will correctly diagnose erectile dysfunction and select correct treatment methods. Thanks to them, the patient will soon be able to return to a normal sexual life.