5 Common Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

5 Common Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

According to the latest WHO data, about 150 million men suffer from erectile dysfunction of different degrees. At the same time, the annual tendency is increasing. In the nearest time, this figure may increase at least twice, reaching 320-330 million men. The scientists have proved that only 20-25% of ED causes are psychological, and the remaining 75-80% of causes are organic, that is, the disease is caused by failures and malfunctions in the work of other male organs and systems.

So, what causes erectile dysfunction?

1. Age-related changes

No doubt, erectile dysfunction is an age-associated problem. The older a man becomes, the more likely he will get erectile problems. However, even with natural aging, when the level of male sex hormones decreases, the issue is unambiguous.

A study by scientists from Massachusetts revealed that 28% of men aged 30 to 40 years already have some erectile problems; every second man over 50 knows what sexual impotence is. Obviously, this is quite the age when erectile problems can be taken for granted.

We all know that the real age does not always coincide with biological one. A good health determines the way of life that a man leads. And here we go to the second cause of erectile dysfunction:

2. Lifestyle and habits

Smoking-ManThroughout the history of mankind, a man plays a difficult role of a leader. Although the conditions of “hunting” have changed in the modern world, every man still has a natural sexual potential – the so-called 15-fold safety factor – this seems unreal and fantastic. The ability of a man to satisfy several women at a time helped humanity to survive in the most difficult periods of evolutionary development.

An unbalanced diet, a sedentary lifestyle, bad habits, constant stress and nervous tension – all this kills a man’s strength. In the end, the pursuit of leadership in the social, professional sphere and material well-being turns ruins a man’s personal and sexual life.

Irregular, unbalanced nutrition with a focus on fatty, spicy, fried foods decreases cholesterol in the blood, causes obesity and also damage the walls of blood vessels. As a result, a man gets erectile dysfunction.

Watch a video to learn which foods may cause erectile dysfunction:

Alcohol abuse also disables the entire reproductive male system, causing a significant decline in testosterone levels.

3. Diseases

Facts testify that over 40% of men who suffer from erectile dysfunction have a history of heart disease and blood vessels; 33-35% suffer from diabetes mellitus and hormonal problems including age-related androgen deficiency; 10% – neurological disorders, about 7-10% of men with erectile dysfunction survived surgery on the organs of the genitourinary system (prostate and kidney disease). And only 1-2% of men experience sexual impotence due to congenital or acquired penile problems.

4. Medications

Approximately 10-15% of men have a weak erection due to the intake of some drugs that are not related to sexual health. There is a clear definition of this disease: drug-induced male sexual dysfunction. In this case, a man needs to quit medications that cause erectile problems and start taking other drugs that increase male potency: you can order ED pills in Canadian Pharmacy online.

5. Psychological problems

Shame, fear, stress, resentment, depression, fear of failure. low self-esteem and strict upbringing… these reasons can become a real psychological obstacle to a full sexual life. The nature of psychogenic erectile dysfunction is so deep that it requires a separate conversation.

We want to mention that there are no irreversible psychological conditions that cause erectile dysfunction. Every fifth man with erectile dysfunction recovers a normal sexual life easily. Only some cases require work with a psychologist and a psychiatrist. Sometimes there is no other way to solve the problem except changing a sexual partner.